• New Version of PhenDB

    New Version of PhenDB We are proud to present our updated version of PhenDB. While the frontend did not change that much, we added more functionality and up to date resources: Faster, more robust trait prediction PICA has been updated ...
  • Job submission interface ready to use


    Besides phenotypic models and trait precalculations for NCBI RefSeq genomes, PhenDB also facilitates processing of user-specific data.

    For this purpose, a job submission form is now available. It accepts archive files (e.g., .zip or .tar.gz), which contain genome sequences ...

  • NCBI RefSeq representative and reference genomes precalculated in PhenDB


    PhenDB now contains in the "Browse" section the trait precalculations for the reference genomes and representative genomes in NCBI RefSeq.

    The trait prediction results can be filtered by user-specific criteria for minimal prediction confidence and minimal balanced accuracy.

    Three figures ...

  • PICA talk on ASM Microbe 2017 conference

    PICA and the concept of phenotypic trait prediction for draft genomes will be presented in a Plenary Lecture on the ASM Microbe Conference 2017 in New Orleans. Don't miss it: June 2, 2017, 8:45 AM. 018. Understanding the Microbiome: Old ...
  • First release of 45 PICA models ready for download

    The first release of 45 PICA models is available on this site in the Download area. Brief instructions on the download page will enable you to install the PICA software and the models on a Linux computer. Additionally, HMMER3 and ...
  • Schedule for this website in 2017


    This website is heavily under construction. We have created it in May 2017, when we succeeded in rapid genotype prediction based on a parallel HMMER3 server farm. With about 1 minute of compute time per genome, it became clear that ...